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PAWAN KALYAN'S Gabbar singh movie review:

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  • Film : Gabbar Singh
  • Producer : Bandla Ganesh
  • Director : Harish Shankar
  • Star Cast : Pawan Kalyan,Shruthi Hasan,Ali,kota srinivas Rao,Brahmanandam....
  • Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
  • Rating :
The story line though similar to the original version has been modified considerably to suit the nativity and wound in to a melodramatic tale, which might even envy the original makers. Gabbar Singh as a child depicted by Puri Jagannath's son is well enacted by the boy. The histrionics of Pawan well imbibed in the boy, deserts the house after a feud with his brother. He is found and admitted in a hostel by their father. The boy impressed by a yester year's movie and self christens as 'Gabbar Singh'. This Gabbar Singh punishes the wrong doers and saves the innocent unlike the yester year's character. The runaway boy returns as a grown up responsible police officer. The rest of the movie forms as how he deals with the villains and how he settles his family issues...

Analysis :
Gabbar Singh Movie Review | Andhra Wishesh

A must watch film says sources and first show audience. Shruthi Hassan as Bala fits well and does some peppy numbers along with Power star. Pawan Kalyan dance is superb, first two songs 'Dekho Dekho Gabbar singh', second song 'Akasam Ammayaithe' are excellent. The comedy track is hilarious and is well blend in the film. 'Antakshari' in Police Station in the second half is going to rock you off the seats say experts. In a nutshell Gabaar Singh is comedy in first half and action entertainer in the second half. For more on Gabbar Singh book your tickets to the show... right away.

Performance :
Gabbar Singh Movie Review | Andhra Wishesh

If there's huge crowd for Gabbar Singh, it has to be for the sake of Power Star. Naakoncham thikkundi kani daanikoncham lekkiundi-this dialogue might sound so simple but when it comes from Power Star's mouth, in his own style, it has to rock the theatre and the same is being witnessed in theatres. People are going gaga over this dialogue. Not just this own dialogue, there are a couple of dialogues in the movie that can make people go crazy about. Needless to mention the acting and action of Pawan Kalyan. He rocked in every frame he appeared and Shru Hassan was looking gorgeous...

Final Word 'Gabbar Singh' is a high voltage mass & family entertainer.

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SMS (2012) Telugu Mp3 Songs Free Download | SMS 2012 | SMS Original ACD Rips | SMS 2012 Telugu Songs Free Download | SMS 2012 Telugu Mp3 | SMS (2012) Original ACD RIP VBR [320Kbps] | SMS Songs

                                   SMS (2012) Original ACD RIP VBR [320Kbps]
Cast: Sudheer Babu,Regina
Director: Satya Tatineni
Music: Selva Ganesh
Producer:R B Chowdary

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Idi Nijame
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Osi Penki Pilla
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Lyrics:Krishna Chaitanya 
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Chiki Biki Baby
Artists: Chaitra Anooji Gurwada, Hema Chandra
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Artists:Vijay Prakash
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Mid Night
Artists: Ranjith, Krish Ayyaar
Lyrics:Krishna Chaitanya
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SMS Theme Song
Artists: Hema Chandra
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Sudheer Babu Introduction By Krishna
Artists: Krishna
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Nippu (2012) Telugu Mp3 Songs Free Download | Nippu 2012 | Nippu Original ACD Rips | Nippu 2012 Telugu Songs Free Download | Nippu 2012 Telugu Mp3 | Nippu (2012) Original ACD RIP VBR [320Kbps] | Nippu Songs


Nippu (2012) Telugu Mp3 Songs Free Download
Cast: Ravi Teja, Deeksha seth
 Music : Thaman
Producer: YVS Chowdary
Story-ScreenPlay- Direction: Gunasekhar

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01.Vega Vega
Singers : Shankar Mahadevan

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02.Nena Ninnu
Singers : Karthik , K.S.Chitra

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03.Ali Baba
Singers : Javed Ali

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04.Oye Pilla
Singers : Tippu , Harini

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05.Dooba Dooba
Singers : Thaman S

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06.Diya Dil
Singers : Rahul Nambiar , Krishna Chaitanya , Geetha Madhuri , Deepu , Himabindhu , Sudha , Parnika

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Singers : Sravana Bargavi 

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